Internet browsers to expand from just ‘cookies’

Internet browsers to expand from just ‘cookies’


The cookies for privacy campaign broadens…

In the hope of securing more of your precious personal data (and psuedo-erotic browsing history), internet browsers will soon be offering a variety of confectionery other than cookies. On the menu for the ‘open consumer’ are jammy dodgers, party rings, and in a first of its kind move, greek jogurt. Mums in Muswell Hill are said to be particularly pleased about the last option.

It is hoped that with this appealing array of treats, more users will be willing to share more information with a range of advertising partners. Facebook and Google both agreed that this had the potential to not only benefit advertisers by sharing data now, but increase revenues in the long run by encouraging a more well-fed, sedentary and immobile population.

It is believed that by simply completing a quick 75 question survey on their purchasing habits, the average internet user would be entitled to an oreo milkshake, or 7.25 Freddo Bars. However, internet providers did highlight that this exchange rate was subject to market fluctuations and returns could go down as well as up.

Many privacy campaigners were initially up in arms over the changes, but the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EEF) was one such institution which changed its mind, citing the ‘tantalising greek yogurt, strawberry laces and rum cocktail’.

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Image Credit: Evan Amos

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