Facebook to prompt ‘trusted’ users to register to vote

Facebook to prompt ‘trusted’ users to register to vote


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that following negotiations with the UK Electoral Commission, Facebook would be prompting users to register to vote, but only if they were deemed ‘trustworthy’. Mark Jacobson, Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission, said that this would ensure maximum turnout, and that due to the ‘stupefying and ridiculous’ amount of data which Facebook held, it would be able to pinpoint exactly who could be trusted with the alienable right to vote.

People who have been deemed untrustworthy include those who have previously shared any quote by Marilyn Monroe, non-ethnic minority users of the words ‘basic bitch’ and any couple which have ever had a public conversation on a wall, featuring just hearts, those kissy emoticons, and that one crying smiling face. One such breach of each rule is negated for each time the user opts to share their ‘Year in Review’.

Chris from Woking thought it was a good idea on the whole, recognising that ‘there’s no need to let the rabble decide who elects my prime minister’. However, he shortly realised that he had thrice shared a LAD BIBLE video with nothing but a single friend’s name commentated within – an ‘untrustworthy’ offence. Chris is not appealing Facebook’s verdict.

LinkedIn also reacted cautiously to the news, promising to unveil its own filter system to remove voting rights from anybody within 3 degrees of separation of an unwilling unemployed person.

The option to register to vote on gov.uk would still be available to all citizens, but neither Zuckerberg nor Jacobson could confirm as to whether a Facebook login wall was being created around this.

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