Leaders agree on ‘Bake Off’ as new election format

Leaders agree on ‘Bake Off’ as new election format


The leaders of all 5 of the UK’s main political parties agreed to a new election debate format over the weekend, announcing that BBC 2 was approved to host the world’s first ever election Bake Off.

Cameron, Miliband and Clegg were able to offer a rare united front at a hastily arranged press conference, causing chaos on the putting green of a quaint Derbyshire village. The leaders agreed that the traditional debate format, which had lasted a whopping 1 election, would be too static and irrelevant to most British people. They proposed that instead of hearing arguments over policy, most of the public would be more interested in seeing who looked the least twatish whilst operating a cooking blow torch.

This united approach from the parties was not to last though, as spin room aides quickly turned the conversation against each other. Ed Balls declared that Cameron would show how out of touch he was through a reliance on venison and eel – ingredients not typically suited to baking, whilst everyone seemed keen to highlight the inevitable ethno-centricity of UKIP’s baking.

‘How can you bake without a bit of spice’ questioned one bemused local resident. Nigel Farage could not be reached for comment.

Nicola Sturgeon said she was committed to ensuring that the Bake Off featured a healthy debate over the future of Trident whilst Nick Clegg offered to provide a ‘delicious cream icing’ to a Conservative sponge cake, or a ‘solid biscuit foundation’ to a Labour cheesecake.

The Bake Off is due to be judged by Mary Berry who declared that it was a fantastic opportunity to bring attention back to politics and ‘reach out to the older citizens of the UK, no longer excluded or alienated from politicians’ pre-election bribes promises.’

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