Apple Watch revealed to be final Dragon Ball

Apple Watch revealed to be final Dragon Ball


Aiming to stoke more anticipation for its May release, Apple have revealed that the new Apple Watch will be the final Dragon Ball.

On Tuesday night Tim Cook took to the stage in front of a stunned LA audience to confirm that the rumours were true. Years after it was first discussed in the trade press Apple could unveil a smartwatch and yes, as ‘one more thing’ to consider, it would be the final Dragon Ball.

The repercussions of this were unclear at the beginning but soon the hall hushed, and this sales pitch transformative moment in the history of all humankind became clearer. Cook quickly explained that ‘where the purchaser had already gathered the 6 other Dragon Ball, the Apple Watch would be the final step to them summoning the Eternal Dragon Shenron’.

The hall immediately burst into applause and more than one attendee was said to be weeping openly, tears cascading across their Macbook Air. Others however were not for sticking around.

Sachin Patel was one of them who ran for the exit as quickly as possible, later telling us ‘with the final Dragon Ball becoming a mass produced consumer product it’s even more imperative that I get my hand on the first 6’. Patel thought he had previously been in possession of two but one turned out to be a chocolate orange, and the other a childs cricket ball. Nevertheless he was not giving up, ‘I know Clooney’s got one so that’s where I’ll go first. I’ve also been hearing interesting things about Benjamin Netanyahu’.

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